Senate Bills I’ll File If I Were A Senator

Today, I turn 25 for the 11th time (ala-“In Time”). Thanks be to the Supreme Being for all these years.

And yes, I’m mulling over a senatorial run for some reasons:

1) Those who have confirmed their intention to run in 2022 and the top senatoriables in recent surveys are mostly slim pickings ranging from dynastic scions, lackluster returnees, political has-beens, and sundry entertainers, compelling people to say in exasperation: “WALA NA BANG IBA?”

2) Few of the top senatoriables have known advocacies, let alone, specific & substantial legislative plans.

3) Few of the top senatoriables can actually write draft Senate bills and/or do research on their own.

4) Humanity and/our country theoretically face imminent annihilation – if not through more virulent variants of COVID-19, possibly through global ecological collapse – thus, we should all seek alternatives to representatives of the status quo.

5) People are longing for the good old days of the Senate – when the likes of Claro M. Recto, Jose W. Diokno, Lorenzo M. Tañada, Jovito Salonga etc. – way back when there was gravitas in its famed halls.

Hence, say no more. Perhaps you may consider including a young full professor (with a PhD and now working for a second PhD) – with more than a decade of combined training and experience as a teacher, advocacy campaigner, volunteer writer for NGOs, partylist nominee, legislative consultant, and researcher, in your senatorial list if he would be able to file his COC and if COMELEC approves his candidacy?

Others ask why.

I ask, why not?

Here’s a list of some of the Senate bills that I’ll file if I were a senator:

1) Free Health Care Act [100% Libreng Serbisyong Pangkalusugan Mula Gamot Hanggang Check-up, Operasyon, Hospitalisasyon atbp.]

2) Tax Reform Act for the Masses and the Middle Class/TRAMM (Income Tax Reduction, Abolition of Value-Added Tax/VAT on Food, Medicines, Utilities) [Pagpapababa ng Buwis sa Kita ng Masa at Middle Class, Pagtatanggal ng VAT sa Pagkain, Gamot, Kuryente, Tubig, Internet]

3) Urban Land Reform Act/Homes for Every Filipino Act [Pabahay para sa Bawat Pamilya]

4) Nurturing Entrepreneurship With Incentives Act/NEW Incentives Act [Suporta sa Maliliit na Negosyo]

5) People’s Initiative Revitalization & Mobilization Act/PIRMA (People’s Legislation Through Online Petitions) [Pagmumungkahi ng Panukalang Batas sa Pamamagitan ng Online na Petisyon]

6) Fast and Cheap Internet Law (see my related paper on this issue) [Mura at Mabilis na Internet]

7) Repeal Rice Tariffication Act (see my related paper on this issue) [Pagbabasura sa Taripikasyon ng Bigas]

8) Green New Deal for the Philippines Act (towards transitioning to 100% renewable energy use for the country; see my related paper on this issue) [Batas para sa Lubusang Paggamit ng Enerhiyang Solar Atbp.]

9) National(ist) Industrialization Act (NAIA) (see my related paper on this issue) [Batas para sa Pambansa/Makabansang Industriyalisasyon]

10) Magna Carta for Private School Teachers (we contributed to the final draft of this bill’s version in Congress; see notes we made on this legislative piece) [Batas para sa mas maraming benepisyo para sa mga guro sa pribadong paalan]

PLENTY MORE TO FOLLOW. Come October, I’ll make my final decision.

Domine dirige nos.


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